Blog Challenge Day # 4

4 January 2011
TV Sign
You don't need that many apostrophes

There seems to be an abundance of apostrophes in the world. They’re popping up in all the wrong places. They’re in DVD’s and TV’s and CD’s. They’re even turning up in Video’s and Hot Chicken’s. The other day I saw one on a car, advertising Pizza’s.

Portraying your business as professional at all times should include some knowledge of spelling and punctuation (although these days it’s hard to know what’s right and what isn’t in relation to texting and tweeting). So check your apostrophe quota and cut back if you’re over-doing it. Be fair and share.

Hint: There are only two instances when apostrophes are grammatically correct:
1.    Ownership. For example “This is John’s new car”
2.    Abbreviation. For example “I can’t do that today, I haven’t got time” Can’t is a combination of two words; can and not. Haven’t is also a combination of two words; have and not joined together and abbreviated.

Oh, and here’s a grammar thing that really really irritates me to the core; instead of saying “I could have done that” I can’t count how many times I’ve heard people say “I could of done that”. Of?? No people, that is SO wrong on so many levels. Grrr…

Can you suggest any others?

I’d rather be a Goddess

Goddess of FireThis Christmas saw the end of Santa in our family. The kids have grown up and Santa’s been replaced - with a Goddess.

Earlier in the year - this amazing year that brought a huge career change for me and so many beautiful people into my life - a friend referred to herself as a Goddess and I actually cringed. Yep, I thought “that’s a bit up yourself, to think of yourself as something ethereal, spiritual, god-like”. After all, we’re human right? Maybe my Catholic upbringing had something to do with my thoughts, but I really was taken aback.

Apart from massive career changes this year, I became a Reiki practitioner, I’ve attended a workshop called “Awaken your Intuition”, done “The Art of Public Speaking” seminar and yoga and meditation, and I’ve connected with a lot of spiritual and intuitive women. So, I figured there must be a message for me somewhere in there.

And in the quiet moments, early in the morning when the world was still asleep, or late at night when sleep eluded me, I came to an understanding that we are all gods and goddesses – I felt my soul shift and realised that my purpose, right here, right now, is to be the best I can be, to learn and to love. God is within us and we each have amazing powers to manifest whatever it is we want. Pretty awesome aren’t we?

It’s been a journey that began way back when, but I finally feel that I’ve ‘got it’ at last and although I still love the magic of Santa and all that he stands for, I’d much rather be a Goddess all year round.

Meet some other Goddesses, at

Witching you a prosperous 2011 filled with love. Oh! Feel free to add your comment below...