The Wonders of Winter

Hot ChocolateI love winter. Winter is my favourite season, it means hot soups and crusty bread, fluffy blankets and a snuggly bed, steaming hot showers and furry slippers. It means jeans and boots and scarves and coats, fresh crisp air and blue sunny skies, hot chocolate and brisk beach walks on Sunday afternoons, sleeping in late and cuddling my man. I feel most alive in winter because I sleep better when I'm warm and wrapped up tight, there's no humidity and my hair doesn't frizz. What's your favourite season?

The Bedroom Chair

There's a chair in there, somewhere. I haven't seen it since winter arrived.

Are you like me? Do you have a rotating pile of clothes on your bedroom chair when the weather's a little chilly? They're not worn often enough to justify washing, but they're not clean enough to put in the cupboard?

There's the daggy cardie for 'round the house on stay-at-home days, the fluffy dressing gown for those 3am wakeful times when a hot chocolate and a good book are the only things that ensure a bit more sleep, the fat pants to go with the cardie on the stay-at-home days, and the other fat pants that are respectable enough to walk around the block in on crisp winter afternoons, the warmer winter sloppy top for when it's too cold for a cardie and the other top to go walking in, and last but not least, the striped bed socks.

Buried under all of that is the pretty cushion that sits on my chair and matches my doona cover. And once a week when the sun's shining, I wash it all and start again. Sound familiar? What's on your bedroom chair?