Blog Challenge Day # 23 – How to get your QR Code

Witch Words QR CodeWow! Thank you for the great feedback from yesterday's blog and video. The response has been so good that I thought I'd follow up with another video showing you how to get your own QR Code. You an even choose colours to match your branding - how cool is that!

Go to to get started, then watch my new video for step by step instructions. It's super easy!

Blog Challenge Day # 22 – Promote your business with a free QR Code

QR CodeHave you got yours yet?

This is a QR Code and it’s the new way to promote your website or to share your contact details and promotions.

It’s scanned by an app on your mobile phone and instantly shows your website address and contact details - you can choose which when you register. QR Codes are appearing on billboards, buses, business cards and all sorts of signage and advertisements – even t-shirts!

I've made a little video so you can see how it works...

Go to to get yours. It's free!!