I’d rather be a Goddess

Goddess of FireThis Christmas saw the end of Santa in our family. The kids have grown up and Santa’s been replaced - with a Goddess.

Earlier in the year - this amazing year that brought a huge career change for me and so many beautiful people into my life - a friend referred to herself as a Goddess and I actually cringed. Yep, I thought “that’s a bit up yourself, to think of yourself as something ethereal, spiritual, god-like”. After all, we’re human right? Maybe my Catholic upbringing had something to do with my thoughts, but I really was taken aback.

Apart from massive career changes this year, I became a Reiki practitioner, I’ve attended a workshop called “Awaken your Intuition”, done “The Art of Public Speaking” seminar and yoga and meditation, and I’ve connected with a lot of spiritual and intuitive women. So, I figured there must be a message for me somewhere in there.

And in the quiet moments, early in the morning when the world was still asleep, or late at night when sleep eluded me, I came to an understanding that we are all gods and goddesses – I felt my soul shift and realised that my purpose, right here, right now, is to be the best I can be, to learn and to love. God is within us and we each have amazing powers to manifest whatever it is we want. Pretty awesome aren’t we?

It’s been a journey that began way back when, but I finally feel that I’ve ‘got it’ at last and although I still love the magic of Santa and all that he stands for, I’d much rather be a Goddess all year round.

Meet some other Goddesses, at enlightenedgoddesses.com.

Witching you a prosperous 2011 filled with love. Oh! Feel free to add your comment below...