I am gr8ful for my Dad

My DadHappy New Year!

Day 1 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge - my theme for this month is gratitude for the special people in my life.

Dad - I am grateful for you

Darling Dad, what an amazing wonderful father you are! What a journey we've shared and what a wonderful family you gave to me. One of the things I admire about you is your determination - oh my goodness, what a determined man you are! And thank God for that, because if you hadn't been so strong over the years, our family would not be what it is today. I am grateful for the two beautiful sisters and one gorgeous brother that you gave me. I am grateful that you were our Santa in so many ways. I am grateful for the delightful childhood you gave us, for the magic of Christmas and Easter, the tree house and cubby house you built, the weekend picnics, the caravan holidays, the laughter, the prayers and your total love. I am grateful that you chose to love and support our beautiful Mum during her illness and for all the years since, that's true love! I am grateful that you're both still here in my life. Love you Dad.

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Blog Challenge Day # 3

Welcome home image3 January 2011

I've just returned from the airport, my fourth visit in ten days to pick up or drop off family members! Today we collected my parents who have returned home after holidaying in Canberra for Christmas with my sister and her family. The day we dropped them off we saw the Qantas Chior singing Christmas carols - just beautiful!

Airports are such busy places and full of emotion so I want to share a blog that I wrote a few months ago. Following the blog there's a youtube video that sums it all up - enjoy...

I love airports. I love watching people arriving, leaving, waiting, and rushing.  I love wondering where they came from, where they’re going and what they do. Who they love, what makes them tick.

But I have to admit to an overwhelming urge that I get at when I’m at an airport. You know when a plane has just landed, and all the people who are waiting to greet their arrivals stand either side of the doorway, waiting for the passengers to walk in? To me it feels like something momentous and I have this mad desire to stand there and applaud! I don’t know why I want to do that, I just do.

So maybe applause is something we all need occasionally, just to say “good on you, you’re doing a great job”. Because when you look at those faces in the airport, a lot of them are kinda sad and serious and anxious.

So anyway, if you’re ever arriving at an airport and see a crazy woman madly clapping and cheering you on, just go with it, lap it up, smile and enjoy the moment. Good on you.