I am gr8ful for the love

Have you ever had a moment in your life that you want to remember and keep forever? You know those rare and amazing moments when time stops and you are in total bliss, surrounded with absolute love? I call them "bottled moments" because I wish I could bottle all the emotion of that moment and open it every so often to re-live the feeling.

I had a moment like that on my 50th birthday, just a few weeks ago.  And I keep re-living it and basking in the bliss of it. It's that moment that inspired me to write my Gratitude Posts because in that moment I felt so loved, so blessed and I soaked it all up with total abandon and joy. That's when I really 'got' the importance of being loved and I had a burning need to try and give others just a fraction of that feeling.

So thank you for reading my posts and sharing my journey of gratitude. I hope you've gotten to know a few special people a little better and I hope that my posts have inspired you to be grateful and to tell those you love that they matter to you, because as human BEings, we all need to receive and give love. It's why we're here. To be love.

Below is a video of my 'bottled moment', it was a complete surprise to me and I still struggle to find the words to express my thanks to my beautiful friends, family and the gorgeous Goddesses who plotted and planned it. Thank you to beautiful Zoe for videoing it and giving me a bottled moment that I can re-live again and again. It was pure magic. Enjoy, I love you and I am eternally grateful. If you've been following along and haven't left a comment yet, I'd love to hear your gratitude thoughts.

I am gr8ful for you Natalie McIvor

Natalie McIvor and IDay 13 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge – my theme for this month is gratitude for the special people in my life.

Natalie - I am gr8ful for you

I feel like I've known you forever Nat, yet it's not that long ago that we met when you taught me Reiki. What a journey it's been since then! From a conversation about our dreams and hopes to here today, living and breathing the future we imagined. What a glorious life! I am eternally grateful that we met, I'm grateful that you shared your vision with me and trusted me to help make it a reality. I am thankful that I've been a valued member and sponsor of your beautiful Enlightened Goddesses Network from day one and that I have made so many amazing friendships through it and my business is thriving. You've created a sacred haven for business women to gather and feel welcome, just look at all the connections you've brought about - the friendships, businesses, partnerships and opportunities! I am grateful for our honest and open friendship, you'll never really know the impact you've had on my life and so many others. You are a beautiful Goddess Natalie, and I think I speak for many when I say "we love you". The happiest of birthdays to you today xxx
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