I wish my brain had an ‘off’ switch

WitchI wish my brain had an off switch. You know those nights when you go to bed feeling really, really tired, and then as soon as the light's out, your brain wakes up? Mine was on for a party last night, drove me crazy, and just like a rebellious teenager, the more I told it to shoosh, the more it just kept nattering away. I gave in to it for a while, hoping it would wear itself out and when that didn't seem to be working, I dug around in my bedside drawer and located my ipod. Meditate, relax, breathe... natter, chatter, talk - shoosh! So, I decided maybe I needed to listen and take some notes. Digging around in the drawer again to find pen and paper, here's what I wrote (very badly in the dark so as not to wake snoring hubby):

"Blog challenge, write a blog every day, a day in the life of a witch.. no that's not right, how about a day in the life of a designer? No... so what's this blog about? Well, it's about every day stuff, like a diary. I want to use it to link to other people that I connect with on a daily basis, I want to share my stories about creating people's branding and logos and website and stuff, their design journey and mine. I want to be accountable I suppose, I want every day to have some sort of accomplishment or connection. Who's gonna read it? I don't know, people who love me? Anyone that wants to. Does it matter? How do you put an RSS feed thing on your website? Can I do that or will I need to ask Wayne (my web guru)? Must research that. So what else will you write about? My every day thoughts and feelings, I want to keep it real, I want to connect with people. I can write about my family, the junk mail even, what's for tea, just every day stuff like that and how that all hovers around the edges of my business. Oh, and I no longer want to call work "work", from now on it's called "creating", that's much more positive and, well, creative..." and on and on it went... I finally got some sleep once that was all on paper.

So, as of today I'm starting a blog. Like a diary, for 28 days. Want to join me on the ride? But first I'm off to have a little nanna nap, see you tomorrow x

Blog Challenge Day #1

1 January 2011


I want to start the new year off with a commitment, so I’ve signed up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Blogging has become one of the many ways to promote your business and your website online, and with a promise of more traffic to my website, how could I resist? My blog subjects vary depending on the chatter in my head on the day, so bear with me because a whole month of blogs could get interesting (or not)... feel free to comment!

So, here we are, the first day of 2011. I’ve spent the morning in deliberate silence, for two reasons.

The first reason was because I wanted to focus and meditate on the year just past and set my intentions for this shiny new year. It was bliss and quite luxurious to remove myself from the daily human stuff and to ‘contemplate my navel’ so to speak. I read past diary entries, wrote new ones, did a bit of yoga and meditated. A lovely spiritual way to start the year.

The second reason I chose to be silent was not quite so spiritual. You see, hubby and I decided we’d have a quiet night at home and celebrate New Year’s Eve together. We’d shared dinner and a bottle of bubbles and were soundly asleep by 12.30am. It was all very civilised and relaxing. At 2.44am the phone rang. A phone call on New Year ’s Eve at that time of day can only mean one of two things: either someone we know and love is horribly drunk and wants to share the love OR there’s a problem. It’s amazing how fast your mind processes all the possibilities at that time of day!

It was a problem. Just-turned-18 year old son had serious bellly ache and needed to come home. Right now! So, at 2.55am I’m in the car, heading up the highway to a party about 100km away to collect my son who was in agony with the pain. He vomited, swore and groaned all the way home. We got back at 4.45am, just as the sun was rising on the first day of 2011 – except it was raining and cloudy and I couldn’t see it. He’s fine now, by the way. My car smells terrible, but I’m glad I took a bucket.

So that’s the second reason for my deliberate silence this morning, because I was a little bit cranky... not very motherly of me I know, but jeez Louise! Meditating (or should that be medicating?) helped a lot, I’m much happier now and our son is back in his usual place, on the lounge watching his Dr Who series and eating. Some things never change, no matter what the date is!