Crafting a Logo from Art

Many of my clients work within the healing and spiritual arena, and as such, I’m often asked to create a logo that’s a little bit ‘left of centre’.

You may know that I love to paint with pastel, and so I’ve found a way to merge my love of art and graphic design to create unique brands and logos for my clients.

The following logo design is one of those creations. My friend Samantha works as a psychic medium and runs tours to Sacred Sites all over the world (what a life!). My mission was to develop a logo that depicts what Sam does and embrace her specific request for feathers, Stone Henge and her preferred fonts and colours. I’d be fibbing if I said it was easy, but after a lot of talking and spending time with Sam looking at images, trying pictures of this and placement of that, drinking wine and cups of tea, we finally managed to bring her vision to life.

We found a photograph of Stone Henge that Sam liked, but we couldn’t find one in the purples and reds that she wanted. So, I painted it! Now she not only has a unique hand crafted logo, she has an original painting to hang on her wall – who knows, one day it might be worth a fortune – move over Picasso! hee hee…

Inspired Soul Logo






Once the painting was complete, I purchased a vector stock image of a white feather and re-coloured in Sam’s branding shades to suit. Each of the elements we’ve created have spiritual meaning for Sam, she was very specific about what she wanted so her input was essential to make sure she got it.

Sam had already settled on the font style for her name, so that part was easy, I just had to re-shape it a little and incorporate it into the design. We’ve aligned the I with the spine of the feather and when we printed the business cards, the font ‘Inspired Soul’ was done in metallic silver.  It looks pretty spectacular!

So, there’s the story of Samantha’s logo development for Inspired Soul Travel. It took a few weeks and a lot of concepts and ideas, many cups of tea and a couple of bottles of wine, but at the end of the day, Sam is very happy with the outcome, it’s exactly what she wanted and it makes her heart sing.

It makes my heart sing too, to create something unique and specific that’s aligned with my client’s vision and brings their brand to life. Thanks for allowing me to share and I hope this has helped to show you some of the process involved in creating a brand… Ciao!