How to get more likes on Facebook

Sassy Branding“I know Facebook can be good for business, but I don’t know what to say…” sound familiar? Facebook is all about being social, that’s why it’s called Social Media. There’s no need to be stuffy and boring when you’re sharing information and news on your business page, just be yourself. People want to connect with people, that’s why it’s important to be social, transparent and engaging. Still sound too hard? OK, try these steps… Show your personality: Inject a bit of humour into your posts, be a little bit vulnerable and share some daily experiences. That doesn’t mean telling us what you had for breakfast (unless it was something amazing in an exotic country), but things that make your heart sing. For example, I recently toured Italy with my art tutor and classmates, and we painted every day in the local Italian towns (I had to keep pinching myself – it was AMAZING!!), so I shared some of my musings and photos about that trip. The response was great, for some people it brought back memories, others were inspired to travel and others talked about their desire to paint, or dance or sing… Your vulnerability gives others permission to do the same and share their thoughts and feelings. Share your knowledge: Tell us why you’re the expert in your field. Share stories of encounters with clients, talk about the great outcomes you’ve had and really importantly, tell us how your clients have benefitted from your services or products. Post testimonials. Give us some tips that are relevant to what you offer. For example, I have a ‘Tip of the Day’ and post one sentence that might be useful to someone out there, such as “Use white vinegar to wash windows, it’s cheap, environmentally friendly and works a treat!” If you don't have any tips, jump on to google and find some. Use images: Images are powerful and a great way to engage people. It’s statistically proven that pictures and graphics get more likes and comments than plain text. Personally I like to use both and when I do post images, I mostly use ones I’ve created myself and try to make sure my branding is on it somewhere. So now you’re thinking; “Well it’s alright for you, you’re a designer” – true that. But there’s a groovy little program called picmonkey, it’s free and easy to use to make your own graphics. Go on, give it a try! See that pretty quote up there on the left? I posted that graphic on Facebook the other day and it got more than 50 shares… what a great way to organically promote your business! There are heaps of other ways to engage and connect on Facebook, but try these for starters and see how you go. Oh, and the other thing that’s really important is consistency. Post at least once a day. It’s the same principle as branding, the more you do it, the more people will get to know you, trust you and share your stuff. Mix it up, be creative and have fun! Have you got any other ideas? Share them here... Back to Previous Posts

The Universal Language of Aussie Blokes

State of OriginMy husband can strike up a conversation with just about anyone, it’s a skill that I’ve always admired and I’m impressed that even here, in Thailand, he manages to do it with ease.

We came here for dental work and a holiday and it's been  fabulous. There are a lot of Aussies here, possibly more Aussies than Thais, though I haven’t done a head count. As a result of spending quite a bit of time in Patong waiting in the dentist's reception area, we’ve met many fellow Aussies and struck up conversations and the one theme that nearly always gets a great rapport happening is sport. Rugby League in particular, though my man could talk about ANY sport under water with a mouth full of marbles!

It’s a beautiful thing watching a camaraderie unfold between two blokes who love their footy – and it isn’t just at the dentist, it’s in the busess, in restaurants, in taxis, at our resort lobby, by the pool (did I mention we’re having a great holiday?) - just about anywhere. And if there’s another Aussie bloke nearby, he sits up straight and listens, smiles and nods, and before you can say “State of Origin” he’s in on the banter as well.

I just love that – though I think it might be time I learned more about footy...

Loosen up a little

Have you ever struggled with writing about you on your website? Writing about yourself is probably the hardest thing to do. It's emotional and even though we want to tell others about our gifts and talents, we want to do it without sounding vain - right? That's why blogging is good for you, it loosens you up a little.

The clue is to write as if you're talking, it's just conversation, so put your little quirky words in there and abbreviate. Nothing makes text so boring as the "stiff upper lip" or formal tone, like "it is with great pleasure that I invite you to browse through my website". How's this instead "I'm so excited to show you my stuff, check out the pages here on my site and let me know what you think" or if that's too casual for you, find something in between.

What I do is imagine I'm writing or talking to someone I know really well, or if it's business related, imagine your ideal client and talk to them. Tell then stuff they want to know. Just like I'm talking to you right now! Does it feel like we're having a chat? Can you hear my tone? Is it friendly and natural? Go on, try it!