Blog Challenge Day # 2

2 January 2011
Vanessa TreloarToday is our daughter’s 26th birthday – Happy birthday beautiful Vanessa!

The poor Love, she’s never really enjoyed her birthday because it’s so close to New Year’s Eve and the last thing most people feel like doing on January 2nd is partying!

I remember one year, I think she turned seven or eight, and we’d planned a gorgeous birthday party, we’d made the cake and iced it, had the chocolate crackles icy cold in the fridge, lemonade, balloons and streamers. None of Vanessa’s friends turned up – same old story, it was the holidays, they’d forgotten because we’d given the invitations out before school finished for the year, they were away, they had family staying etc etc. That kind of stuff is really heart-breaking for a child and something that lingers in their memory for years.

Last year I did a lot of self development stuff and part of that was changing my belief about being worthy. The one answer to all the questions about why we think we can’t do something always comes back to “I’m not good enough”. I knew that but I didn’t know how to get past it. How do you change your mind-set to believe that you are good enough? And why do we think that anyway? From what I can recall, no-one’s ever said I’m not good enough. Not in those words anyway.

Then one day I was listening to a friend’s story (thanks Jen) about the same stuff and her question was this: “Who’s ever let you down? Who’s failed you by not showing up when they said they would? Who’s disappointed you?” And I had this huge “aha” moment when I realised that’s why we have those beliefs, it’s our interpretation of our value in other people’s eyes. They don’t have to say anything, they just have to let us down and we then think that we’re not worthy of them.

So here’s what I promise: If I commit my time to someone or something, whether it be an appointment, a party or a coffee, that’s it, I’m committed. If another invitation comes along that might be more interesting, or more fun, or even worth more money to me, unless its life or death and something completely out of my control, I won’t change it on principle. Ah, that feels really good!

Oh, and Happy Birthday to our beautiful, talented, vivacious, fun-loving Vanessa xxx

Blog Challenge Day #1

1 January 2011


I want to start the new year off with a commitment, so I’ve signed up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Blogging has become one of the many ways to promote your business and your website online, and with a promise of more traffic to my website, how could I resist? My blog subjects vary depending on the chatter in my head on the day, so bear with me because a whole month of blogs could get interesting (or not)… feel free to comment!

So, here we are, the first day of 2011. I’ve spent the morning in deliberate silence, for two reasons.

The first reason was because I wanted to focus and meditate on the year just past and set my intentions for this shiny new year. It was bliss and quite luxurious to remove myself from the daily human stuff and to ‘contemplate my navel’ so to speak. I read past diary entries, wrote new ones, did a bit of yoga and meditated. A lovely spiritual way to start the year.

The second reason I chose to be silent was not quite so spiritual. You see, hubby and I decided we’d have a quiet night at home and celebrate New Year’s Eve together. We’d shared dinner and a bottle of bubbles and were soundly asleep by 12.30am. It was all very civilised and relaxing. At 2.44am the phone rang. A phone call on New Year ’s Eve at that time of day can only mean one of two things: either someone we know and love is horribly drunk and wants to share the love OR there’s a problem. It’s amazing how fast your mind processes all the possibilities at that time of day!

It was a problem. Just-turned-18 year old son had serious bellly ache and needed to come home. Right now! So, at 2.55am I’m in the car, heading up the highway to a party about 100km away to collect my son who was in agony with the pain. He vomited, swore and groaned all the way home. We got back at 4.45am, just as the sun was rising on the first day of 2011 – except it was raining and cloudy and I couldn’t see it. He’s fine now, by the way. My car smells terrible, but I’m glad I took a bucket.

So that’s the second reason for my deliberate silence this morning, because I was a little bit cranky… not very motherly of me I know, but jeez Louise! Meditating (or should that be medicating?) helped a lot, I’m much happier now and our son is back in his usual place, on the lounge watching his Dr Who series and eating. Some things never change, no matter what the date is!

I’d rather be a Goddess

Goddess of FireThis Christmas saw the end of Santa in our family. The kids have grown up and Santa’s been replaced – with a Goddess.

Earlier in the year – this amazing year that brought a huge career change for me and so many beautiful people into my life – a friend referred to herself as a Goddess and I actually cringed. Yep, I thought “that’s a bit up yourself, to think of yourself as something ethereal, spiritual, god-like”. After all, we’re human right? Maybe my Catholic upbringing had something to do with my thoughts, but I really was taken aback.

Apart from massive career changes this year, I became a Reiki practitioner, I’ve attended a workshop called “Awaken your Intuition”, done “The Art of Public Speaking” seminar and yoga and meditation, and I’ve connected with a lot of spiritual and intuitive women. So, I figured there must be a message for me somewhere in there.

And in the quiet moments, early in the morning when the world was still asleep, or late at night when sleep eluded me, I came to an understanding that we are all gods and goddesses – I felt my soul shift and realised that my purpose, right here, right now, is to be the best I can be, to learn and to love. God is within us and we each have amazing powers to manifest whatever it is we want. Pretty awesome aren’t we?

It’s been a journey that began way back when, but I finally feel that I’ve ‘got it’ at last and although I still love the magic of Santa and all that he stands for, I’d much rather be a Goddess all year round.

Meet some other Goddesses, at

Witching you a prosperous 2011 filled with love. Oh! Feel free to add your comment below…

People of Substance

The other day I was in Bunnings with hubby and ran into a girl friend from ‘way back’. It’s quite amazing that we live in the same town and haven’t seen each other for about 12 years. Our children were best friends when they were in early primary school and our families used to spend a bit of time together. Then we changed schools and just didn’t keep in touch. And you know what? I can’t figure out how or why we didn’t! It was so great to see each other again and that ‘connection’ fired up straight away and we took up right where we left off.
That was a few days ago and since then we’ve talked on the phone and had lunch together. We’ve caught up on all the news and I was so sad to hear my friend’s hubby had passed away about two years ago and that her daughter has had serious health problems that prevented her from finishing senior school. Someone had told my friend that we’d left town and moved away. I wish I’d been there for her during those tough times.
And that makes me ask myself, why do we let people of substance go? On reflection, our lives changed, we moved into a new school, work got busy, kids grew up, jobs changed, we moved house, parents got sick, kids moved out, and so on. We just got busy with life!
It’s a shame that we sometimes get too busy for the people that really matter, so my Christmas message is this: If there’s someone of substance who used to be in your life and you’ve lost track of them, find them and connect, you might be surprised and delighted!
My friend and I were talking this over and we’ve agreed that there’s a reason for everything, and whatever that reason was, we’re very happy that the universe has crossed our paths again. This time we’ll consciously stay connected and treasure every minute.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, may it be a time of sharing with those who are dear to your heart. Love and blessings for an amazing 2011.

Do you have a story like this? I’d love to hear it!


Showing Face

Here’s a sample of the stuff that goes on in my head on a daily basis. Cracked myself up with this one, so thought I’d share the giggles. Enjoy!

Sue: Hello, nice to meet you, I’m Sue

Jenny: Yes, I know

Sue: Have we met before?

Jenny: Yes, we’re friends

Sue: Oh, I’m usually really good with faces but I don’t remember you

Jenny:  We’ve been friends since last December. I know all about you, your son just graduated, you had dinner with some girls last week, your favourite colour is red… we’re good friends.

Sue: How do you know all that when I know nothing about you?

Jenny: Don’t you get my updates?

Sue: Not that I know of

Jenny: So did you like me?

Sue: I don’t even know you, how can I like you?

Jenny: Easy, you just choose to like me. I liked you.

Sue: When did you like me? And why don’t you still like me?

Jenny: I do, I still like you. Did you like me?

Sue: Um, I don’t know if I like you, how can I know that when I don’t know you?

Jenny: But we’re friends

Sue: No we’re not

Jenny: Yes we are

Sue: I don’t understand

Jenny: That’s OK, I still like you

If Jenny had put her face on her Facebook profile instead of that cute photo of her dog, Sue would’ve known who she was!

Jeanne’s Tip: If you want to make friends and be liked, show your face! Hope that put a smile on your dial!

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Website Overwhelm?

So you have a website and it’s frustrating the daylights out of you! Or maybe you want a website and don’t know where to start?

These days there’s much more online awareness than ever before and, according to 2006 statistics, 61 percent of internet users were buying online – imagine how many more that is today! Don’t you wish you could have some of that?

You desperately want to update your website content, you want to change the images, add an e-news facility, and maybe you’re even savvy enough to know that a regular blog would benefit your business and give you more exposure. Now you’ve decided what you need to do, it’s time to figure out how. It’s time to take control of your website and get a CMS (Content Managed System). Talk to your web guy or start searching for a solution, there are a lot of choices, so make sure you ask plenty of questions. If you want my advice, go for a WordPress site (I did), it has everything listed below and gives you complete control.

The benefits of managing you own web content

Updating your text

There’s nothing worse than going to a website that has old, out of date information. Having control over the content of your website gives you more power – and costs less because you don’t have to call your web guy anymore. You can write, edit and change your text and make sure that your information is up to date and current. This endorses you as a credible and knowledgeable person in your niche market and helps when search engines are looking for you, because search engines love new content.

Loading new images

It’s great to refresh your website with new images, especially if you’re selling a product. Make sure your photos and images are good quality and not grainy and hard to see. Having a photo of yourself on your site creates trust and lets people know that you’re a real live person – warts and all!

Adding new pages

When you have a CMS website, you can choose how many pages you want on your site, you can delete them, add them, update them and even make them invisible while you’re working on them. Your website should be a work in progress, something that evolves and changes as your business does. Don’t let it sit and do nothing, make it work for you!

Blogging your latest news

With social networking and online marketing being a very big deal now, it makes sense to build a blog into your website. A good CMS like WordPress will allow you to do this easily and it gives you another tool to reach clients and direct more people to you. It’s also another great way for search engines to find you.

Getting on top in Google

The buzz word lately is SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. It’s all about ranking highly in Google, and other search engines, and being number one. You do want to be number one, right? SEO starts with working out which keywords people use to find your services or products, and then using those words in your text, to name your images, and in your descriptions.

So, if you want to know more sign up here for my free e-book to get you started or send me an email. I’d really love to help you see how easy it can be because life’s too short to be sweating over complicated stuff!