Why brand your business?


We’re all cutting corners of late, trying to stretch the dollar further and get as much bang for our buck as we can. It’s so easy to whip up a quick business card and order it online for a few dollars – but really, how often are you totally 100% happy with the outcome? Do you feel proud to hand out your business card or a little bit embarrassed? Maybe you’re doing more damage than good. First impressions count, especially because we’re living in a visual world and we’re all influenced by what we see, read and hear.

I get it, really I do. It’s expensive to brand a business. But wouldn’t you rather work with someone who actually cares about your business and understands what you’re aiming for? What if you had a skilled graphic artist who ‘got’ you and wanted to help you grow and develop your brand for as long as it needs to take?

If you work with me, step by step over time, we can create and develop your brand so that it will always be consistent, beautiful and effective. Everywhere, online and offline. I’ve worked with some clients for years and we’re still going, doing bits and pieces, here and there, as they can afford it and as their business changes and grows. 

I’d love to help you do that too, so let’s talk about how we can work together and build you a strong and memorable brand that you’ll be proud of. Imagine handing out a business card that you feel really proud of. It’s a good feeling! Call me today, let’s talk.